Our Services

Charities and Philanthropy

We advise individuals in giving support to charitable causes, including in helping them to maximise the value and impact of any gift they make.  We have particular experience in incorporating philanthropic and ethical objectives into the wealth planning of Next Generation wealth holders.

Our advice assists philanthropic donors to decide how best to achieve their objectives, whether during their lifetime or on death in conjunction with the individual’s other estate planning processes.

Examples of the advice that we give in the context of philanthropic planning include:

  • Making lifetime gifts to charity;
  • Planning gifts to charity through Wills;
  • Managing and restructuring charitable trusts;
  • Investing in social enterprise;
  • Gift Aid and personal taxation; and
  • Applying lower rates of inheritance tax for individuals donating over 10% of their estate to charity.

We also advise on a wide range of issues faced by charities, including those that arise in establishment, commercial transactions and relationships.

Many of our Partners have executive and/or governance roles with charities and have valuable insight into the internal workings of and external influences on charitable organisations.